Gold in them there hills

By: snowgood

Jun 30 2017


Category: adventure, ART, Cycling, South Downs Way, Sussex

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

What with the climb, and my stops to take photos I was averaging just 6 mph between Pyecombe and Blackcap.

The South Downs Way heads south at Blackcap, with a  12 inch wide dirt track and gentle  downward gradient.

Shadows were forming, and I checked my motion to avoid exceeding 20mph.

After a field of sheep and poppies the track changed tack towards the South East.

There were  few anxious moments as my speed increased, and the front wheel started brushing the grasses either side of the narrow track.

At one stage I flushed out Grey Partridge, but couldn’t track them too closely for fear of a monumental crash.

Yup, there were more evil lumps of flint dotted along the way.

Eventually I caught a glimpse of a white windmill, before passing through a gate with “Brexit” written on it.

After a short steep climb through Bunkershill Plantation the route plunged down towards the A27 linking Lewes and Brighton.

The setting sun was spattering her golden rays on the cereal crops across the valley.

It felt like I was surveying a Van Gogh painting, and that just maybe I was  included on his canvass.




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