Archer “Heaven” Book Review 28

By: snowgood

Jun 29 2017

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The third of Lord Archer’s prison diaries is perhaps the most fascinating.

It’s easy to read, and considerably longer than “Hell” or “Purgatory”.

Don’t be fooled by the title, all things are relative.

What Jeffrey goes through here you wouldn’t wish on anyone. Unless your name happens to be David Blunkett.

Blunkett was  Labour’s Home Secretary at the time of Archer’s incarceration.  It would seem that he and several others waged a cruel vendetta against him.

You might counter,”Ah, but he was found guilty of perjury.”

To which I would counter, not one of us are squeaky clean. In effect a “decent man” was banged up for telling a lie.

My record of integrity would be better than many a politician, but I wouldn’t consider myself anymore “innocent” of crime than Jeffrey Archer.

In fact one might easily claim, there but for the grace of God go I.

Looking on the bright side the book shows North Sea Camp as a pretty good staging post for a Category D prisoner who’s getting close to being discharged.

Many of the staff are praised for their diligence, and humanity.  Archer draws alongside so many under privileged individuals one might argue he was virtually a saint.

Sadly the real losers in this diary are the vast majority of convicts who are hooked on drugs.

At Hollesey Bay prison only 17 out of 700 inmates were deemed suitable for work in the kitchens.

Why?  The rest were all drug addicts.

On might hope the situation has improved in the last 16 years.

Let’s hope I never get a fist hand chance to find out.




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