South Downs Way – Day 2

By: snowgood

Jun 26 2017

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Category: adventure, Cycling, South Downs Way

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

I assembled my bike in a small car park just above Buriton. If we’d been any later than 9:30am there would probably have been no space.

Loners and groups were sitting in their cars, or fumbling with their kit ready for the off.

After a while I had everything in place and headed off, leaving Roz to a day of “Hunt the National Trust House”.

Within 5 seconds I’d gone the wrong way and was staring at a hilltop pond. A quick glance at my A-Z for walkers put me back on the correct route to the east.

The tarmac didn’t last long, and soon I was pedalling on a rough track, before being engaged in a short conversation with two younger cyclists.

These guys had already done over 25 miles having started earlier in the day at Winchester. They both had rucksacks, and were intent on reaching Eastbourne in one hop.

One had a normal bike, the other a “downhill bike” (looking like a glorified chopper) which wasn’t much good going uphill.

When we rejoined the tarmac at North Lodge they hurtled off downhill, leaving me to think they’d be likely candidates for A & E.

Fifteen minutes later I was climbing through woodland when the rain started, by the time I popped out into the open on Harting Downs it had stopped.

That’s South Harting to my left, the first notable habitation on Saturday’s ride.




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