Foothills of Old Winchester Hill

By: snowgood

Jun 25 2017

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Category: Cycling, Flowers, South Downs Way

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

At this point it might be good to mention what the marker sign represents.

Earlier on my route out of Winchester I passed a runner (who was at least my age) making good progress with about half a dozen markers in his hand.

He was charging along without any apparent effort, evidently preparing the way for weekend runners.

It dawned on me that;

a) It was good to get some cycling done without the hindrance of oncoming joggers

b) Friday’s are a good day for biking

c) this super fit guy had covered an enormous distance

At virtually every turn on what is a pretty well signposted route I was looking at the back of these fluorescent way markers.

It wasn’t until Saturday that I discovered it was a 52 mile run from Slindon to WInchester.

Worst still literally hundreds (maybe a thousand) people had entered the event.

Whilst many may think 58 year olds would be better off reading the newspaper rather than pedalling over hill and dale this type of running beggars belief.

But back to my Friday ride.  This particular point looks back to the North West.

I’d just avoided an errant black labrador puppy, passed giant Dandelions parachutes, and come across a further three dogs and a miserable lady.

The OS map gives this particular hill which rises to 121 metres no name, but a nearby path is called Garden Hill Lane.

The last part was unbikeable, and I had to get off for about 20 yards.



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