Archer “Hell” Book Review 26

By: snowgood

Jun 20 2017

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Category: literature, Politics

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Once upon a time, long, long ago I exchanged glances with Jeffrey and Mary Archer as they came off the M25 at Reigate Hill.

I never knew much about him, other than the fact that he is one of several M.P.s to have swapped “The House” for jail.

In his prison trilogy he gives an articulate view on “life inside” whilst painting a picture that verges on claiming his innocence.

His account of life at Belmarsh (when written) would have shocked many. I’ve been inside three prisons, and wasn’t that surprised.

In “Hell” we get to see how tough it is for the wealthy to lose their privileges, and live amongst drug addicts, murderers, and “screws”.

This book was written 16 years ago, and despite Archer’s pleas to the Home Secretary it looks like few lessons have be learned.

Ever wondered why Her Majesty’s Prisons have a drug problem?  You’ll find the answers in Jeffrey Archer’s “Prison Diary”.

Prepare to be gobsmacked.





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