Five Mile Story

By: snowgood

Jun 12 2017


Category: birds, Sussex, Walking

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

I was using my OS map to navigate this evening.  Nothing odd about that you might imagine?

Except I was in my own neck of the woods!

Even so I was on new ground, bewildered by numerous options for a “circular” walk.

Yesterday’s pink tufted meadow grass had been cut presumably for animal feed?

The Yellowhammer was still singing in the bushes near Hazel Shaw.

As we crossed the lane towards Home Farm we were “joined” by three House Martins, and a solitary Swallow.

To our north we watched crows harrying a Buzzard, the larger bird took refuge in the woods.

Zig Zagging around Old Rowfant, and beyond to the mill pond.  It’s pretty around here. Although there were no Ducks, Grebes, Coot or Moorhen on the pond.

Heading south we wiggled around Ley House, and caught sight of two Great Spotted Woodpeckers on a dead tree above us.

As we wandered down a grassy track we entered a fly infested area. Hundreds of the blighters were sunbathing on a tree trunk!

A few minutes later we turned left, and headed back along the Worth Way. My photochromic lenses then robbed me of the walk’s biggest surprise.

The darkened glass meant I totally missed the weasel that rushed out into the path less than 10 feet away.  Roz got a good view.

My “treat” was yet to come. A furtive female Sparrowhawk gliding around the edge of Rowfant’s woodland.

Five miles of shared experiences, and exercise.








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