if only they could talk – Book Review 24

By: snowgood

Jun 10 2017

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Category: ART, Humour, literature

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

No that I’m familiar with “the cast” I enjoyed reading my second James Herriott book even more than the last.

Thelwell’s covers on these ancient paperbacks capture a key moments from the stories within.

I’d duck out of a chance to be kicked by a Mare, charged by a pig, or bitten by a dog, but being suffocated by a Shire horse is potentially the most lethal.

In this book there was the usual mix of humour, adventure and Tristan’s glorious ineptness.

In most vignettes the real stories revolve around the farmers and pet owners, with the hapless animal usually being grateful for a vet’s visit.

The story that touched me most was in Chapter 11 where Mr.Dean living in abject poverty calls out Herriot, only to learn that his only companion has to be put to sleep.

James looks around him and with a wondrous display of humanity refuses to charge for his services, but Mr.Dean runs after him with a cigar in hand.

Were the values of 1930’s England on a much higher plain than today?





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