Who to choose?

By: snowgood

Jun 07 2017

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These three everyday items represent the basic choices many of us have in tomorrow’s “Snap Election”.

The tomato represents Labour, the plastic lid Conservative, and the cheese LibDem.

Should I have taken a picture of an ice cube floating in a  glass vase? I wonder how many “floating voters” have yet to decide?

I’ll make an attempt at impartiality, and look at the three main parties in our local constituency.

Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats.

We probably all have tendencies towards a party, rather than individual candidates.

Voting is easier in Council Elections, as we may vote for someone who sincerely champions local matters without a political agenda.

A True Blue may vote Red if he or she believed the candidate could really make a difference on local issues (and vice-versa).

The General Election is another matter, many will vote in line with their personal interests rather than looking at what’s best for the nation.

I guess there’s still others who simply excuse themselves from the democratic process.

About to go to university?  Vote Labour because JC is planning to scrap tuition fees!

Jeremy Corbyn seems to get “bad press”, but when I was at secondary school Further Education was free to all UK students.

I’d like to see that policy re-introduced, and for Government to pay for those who genuinely want to get on in industry, medicine, teaching and so on.

There should be more opportunities for school leavers rather than a set of barriers herding no hopers into glorified Technical Colleges handing out second rate degrees.

If you want our shores to be defended then perhaps Labour don’t cut the mustard, but tI think Corbyn genuinely believes in negotiation and has no intention of leaving the nation vulnerable.

Labour’s cause has been undermined by Diane Abbot.  I’m not sure I’d trust her as a Lollipop Lady, Home Secretary?  Forget it!

The LibDems?  They seem conspicuous by their lack of credibility.  I like Nick Clegg, and believe he brought accountability to the Cameron government.  The nation was better with him as part of a coalition.

Tim Fallon is a featherweight in comparison.  I’m sorry i wouldn’t give him the time of day.  I thought he brought no glory to orange team in the Live TV debate (although Amber Rudd didn’t convince either).

The Blues? Well in my estimation Theresa May was a bully back in her days as Home Secretary, and I wasn’t impressed by the way she berated our Police publicly.

In her early tenure as Prime Minister I thought she got off to a slow start, but perhaps she’s a bit like Pâté?  An acquired taste.

She seems to have made progress, and gained confidence.  In all honesty out of the “Big Three” she’s the only one who looks capable of representing us on the world stage.

In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales there other options, but not here.

I’d like to vote BLUE, but as I drive around the nation I’m sick of seeing Tory posters and banners with their evidently “loaded” candidates.

Their smug grins make them look like they’ve been selected as candidates, because they’re “worth a few bob” and will make sure the rich continue to get a good deal.

No matter which way I vote we’ll know the results soon enough. If your eligible get on down to Polling Station tomorrow and “do your duty”.

In truth the true leader is in the heavens, providing us with the very air we breathe.






3 comments on “Who to choose?”

  1. I must be blind – I haven’t seen any Tory posters – or any others for that matter. But the local old Etonian will get in round here as always.

    As far as further education goes I’d like to see it the way it was in our day – free for those who needed to go because of the professions they were headed for, but with plenty of apprenticeships and jobs for those who don’t need degrees. For instance my wife did most of her nursing training on the wards – not at university, gaining all the practical skills she needed. I did three-quarters of my MN training at sea, with only a year at college in two six-month blocks. Now it is degree entry to both. Now every young person seems to need/want to go to University. Not sure what we’re going to do with our youngest next year as he is not interested in further education at all. His sister wasn’t either – despite a full set of A/A* grades. She has been with YFC for the last three years – two as a volunteer and the last year as a paid member of staff and now has a stack of experience, while her friends who went to Uni have none.

    • I dropped out A levels after a dismal first year, and i seem to have muddled through life so far! Good ness how I’d have got on without three Christian friends who came alongside when I was 17 – praying for me for several months until I saw that I was a sinner in need of Saviour! Perhaps becoming a believer and attending Bible Studies and Prayer Breakfasts was my “further education”.

      • I left school after my ‘O’ levels. As did most of my friends. It was a church in South Shields when I was doing my first block release at Marine College where God grabbed hold of me. Like you I was 17 at the time. Got baptised on the Sunday, passed my driving test on the Monday and was back at sea a couple of weeks later.

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