Another Attack?

By: snowgood

Jun 05 2017

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Category: Fear, GOD, Jesus, Politics, Spirit

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I met an anxious man last night, and was a bit slow to pick up his “signals”.

I’d been at the 6:30 service in St.Nick’s Sevenoaks, which was to precede the “Hustings”.

Each of the candidates had agreed to come, but the events of the weekend put a  spanner in the works. The Tory candidate was at a “Cobra” meeting, and the event had been called off.

An able bodied elderly gent wearing half moon specs hovered in the aisles.

I assumed he’d sat through Gavin’s sermon and went across to say hello.

There was no warmth, as I told him who I was pointing to our relatives a few feet away.

It was a supreme effort for him to shake my hand.  My small talk made little headway.

Then his words tumbled out. “Why has the event been called off? I wanted to ask questions.”

I suggested that everyone had already made up their minds, so were we really any worse off? He was having none of it, still reeling because of Brexit, and was hoping for answers from each candidate.

I explained that I’d lived over 40 years under the yoke of Europe, and this had been my first chance to have a say.

I welcomed the chance to regain sovereignty, even if it meant instability.  I added that my Belgian employers were disappointed by the prospect of Brexit.

He was intrigued by the European dimension of my job, and started quoting “Soros”, who had been suggesting it was time for change in the EU.

I said that David Cameron had given Brussels a chance, but brought back nothing.  He disagreed.

It was only as I sat down for supper the penny dropped. He was all at sea, and I’d done nothing to comfort him?

As I watched a re-run of “Yes, Primeminister” I reflected on how little times have changed. Defence is still an issue, Afghanistan is in a mess, and our nation is wracked with anxiety.

Whilst I can sing “My Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness” this poor chap was without hope.

What a shame that I failed to “read the signals” and point this man away from politics towards a God who provided his Son, and blesses those who seek him with the security of his Holy Spirit.

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