Dropping into Offham

By: snowgood

Jun 04 2017

Category: Architecture, Butterfly, Church, Walking


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My Outdoor Leisure map indicated that we should veer away from our destination, and loop back later.

If we’d been naughty (or I had been on my own) it would have been easier to follow the pylons, but I’m glad we didn’t.

Otherwise we’d have missed the Adonis Blue, Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper and Red Admiral butterflies.

Hoverflies appeared in our midst as we slipped through Offham Hill woods. They look like wasps, but are totally harmless and a joy to behold  “suspended” in mid-air.

In the distance you can see St.Michael’s and All Angels church building.  It was constructed from ragstone back in the 15th century.

The church website will tell you more, but sadly only the angels were allowed in on the 3rd June as the doors were locked.

Thankfully the pub was open, and I was staggered to find that our two drinks cost just £3.70.  That’s good value after a long walk in the sun.

If you ever look to walk along the South Downs Way beware! By now we were “off piste”as the official route heads south just before Blackcap!


2 comments on “Dropping into Offham”

  1. Thanks for the link to St Michael’s website and for stopping by. In actual fact, most of the building that we have today was built in the 13th Century although there were many changes made later in the 14th and 15th Century. I’m sorry to hear that you found the church to be locked when you visited. Generally, the church is open during the daytime hours but if you happen to find it locked, the Farm owner next door on the L J Betts farm is one of the Churchwardens and is always happy to open up for you.

    • Hello David, thanks for the reply. I only just found it in my SPAM 11 months after your kind comments. We have been back down your way a few times, I’ll pop in next time! Have a good weekend. Stephen

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