By: snowgood

Jun 03 2017

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Category: Cycling, Sussex

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Shutter:1/0 sec

I was quite pleased that our Hybrid BMW managed to get virtually all the way from home to Ditchling Beacon car park on electric power alone.

If I hadn’t taken a wrong turning we’d have run all the way in near silence.

In December I free wheeled down into Ditchling Village, which was exciting as I had no idea how tight the bends were, and the fog certainly didn’t help.

I have never tried to cycle up this narrow road. Although I plan to give it a try at some stage.

Heaps of people were trying to ride up today, and it’s so narrow the pressure from impatient motorists must make the task even more difficult.

I’m guessing not more than 25% make it it all the way up without stopping, and maybe another 50% make it after stopping frequently to catch their breath.

Some realise it’s better to walk up, rather than end up with a heart attack.

Who can blame them?


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