A tale of two Bullfinches

By: snowgood

May 31 2017


Category: birds

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Just over three years ago my day got off to a bad start.

A bullfinch had flown into our front door!

Quite why I’ll never know, but I was incredibly sad to see this vibrant male on our front path.

Fast forward to today.

I once again saw a male Bullfinch, as it flew across in front of me as I pulled out of our drive.

At least that’s what I thought I saw, as it was only briefest glimpse.

As I turned past No.5 there he was sitting on the fence.

What a delight!

Occasionally I see a pair in the hedge at the back of our garden, but this is an elusive species.

They’re not bold as brass like the Greenfinch, or happy to sing a tinkly sort of song from a perch nearby.

Nope, once seen they’ll use be up and gone.

May is supposed to be the most delightful month of the year, but with my “bad arm” I think it has largely passed me by.

Then again Roz was first to spot a Nuthatch had started using our birdbath.

Yesterday afternoon it was my turn to see him, helping himself to a drink from the murky waters.

He let me look down upon him, before retiring to our sprawling oak tree.

Living nature on our doorstep.



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