Let Sleeping Vets Lie – Review 23

By: snowgood

May 30 2017

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Category: books, Life, literature, Rural Community

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It’s taken me forty years to read my first James Herriot book.

Most of my reading this year has been pretty serious stuff, and I was looking for something a little more light hearted.

Let Sleeping Vets Lie was pulled off a friend’s bookcase and offered as a potential solution.

Thelwell’s cartoon on the front cover suggests a sense of fun, and the book didn’t disappoint.

There’s a certain style to Herriot’s writing (real name James Wight), and by the time I’d started the 3rd chapter I was at one with the format.

An innocent start, followed by a glimpse into the life of a vet in pre-war Britain, and a neatly rounded off one liner to bring each chapter to a witty conclusion.

A good book should draw you in, and encourage you to keep turning the pages. Here the characters are strong, and with a few “brushstrokes” the Yorkshire Dales come alive.

Typical small business weaknesses are painfully exposed, and I quietly chuckled as Siegfried sense of superiority is shattered with alarming regularity.

By the time I’d finished I was quietly weighing up my options, and wondering about a short holiday “up North”.

Book Rating: 9 out of 10 


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