Sick Heart River – Review 22

By: snowgood

May 15 2017

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Category: books, Death, Faith, literature

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After wading through John Buchan’s “Gap in the Curtain” I was not at all sure I’d bother with Book 5 in the Edward Leithen series.

Buchan draws on his first hand knowledge of Canada to set up “our hero” for one last adventure.

He quits politics, and law on a mission to retrieve an absent friend of a friend.  Leithen battles with failing health in Arctic conditions as he seeks to save an American high flyer.

Along the way he reflects on his own life, and uncertain faith, and measures them up against his business and military success.

Leithen is encumbered by a terminal illness, and along the way he seems to gain a reprieve. However the desire to save his own life sets off a conflict within as he sees an opportunity to save a native Indian (Inuit?) tribe.

Those readers who share the Author’s Christian faith will enjoy Leithen’s character as he decides to lay down his own life to save a lethargic superstitious race.

I’d give the book 8 out of 10, and suggest this is probably the finest book in the Leithen series.  Don’t feel you to need to read the others to get the most out of this one.


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