The Gap in the Curtain – Review 21

By: snowgood

May 08 2017

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Category: books, literature

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After the joys of following Cardinal Lomeli, and the insight of Philip Yancey I’ve been back to my kindle and Book Three of the Edward Leithen series.

Let’s be kind.

“The Gap in the Curtain” isn’t a book that has aged well.

John Buchan’s beliefs positively pour out of the narrative in all his “Shockers”, but this one also deals with the “dark side” of faith.

Earlier in the year I was fascinated by the concepts Buchan explored in “The Groves of Ashtaroth”, really enjoying his “take” on an evil spiritual dimension.

Here the concept borders towards the macabre.

Leithen finds himself drawn into an experiment which may prove that time is not a constant.

Professor Moe invites seven toffs to take part in his little scheme whilst they are on a country retreat.

Leithen realises the scientific pursuit isn’t as tame as suggested, and avoids the pull to predict a Times Article which is due to printed in 12 months time.

The others get a 60 second glimpse into the future, and are either horrified at the prospect of being listed in the Obituaries, or confused by a startling headline.

The angst that follows shows how men battle against the predictions, or virtually cease to function out of abject fear.

Could this plot make a classic TV Thriller? Possibly.

Does it make a “good read”?


4 out of 10

At least the 5 book series only cost 99p!  I’ve had 60 pence worth so far, and I’m none to sure about my next 39 pence worth.






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