Conclave – Book Review 20

By: snowgood

May 04 2017

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Category: literature, Politics, Religion, Robert Harris

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What a page turner.

The latest Robert Harris novel is sensational.

I’ve read other reviews that don’t rate his style, and are turned off by the layers of information.

After dabbling in John Buchan’s more obscure works this rattling good read made me realise how the art of storytelling has evolved in last the century.

The Roman Catholic Church has never remotely captured my curiosity, although I hear the current Pope is breath of fresh air.

Robert Harris is a heavyweight amongst authors, and if his name is on the spine of a book you can bet it’s worth reading.

Yes, I even skipped pudding to find out how it ends.

In the final analysis this 5 Star book was a chapter too long.

The end is utterly preposterous!

My rating (after reading Chapter 19), Five out of Ten.

Anyone would think Harris had died before completing the final manuscript, and Jo Brand dashed off the last eight pages whilst sitting on the loo in an Intercity Express!


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