The Dancing Floor – Book Review 18

By: snowgood

Apr 30 2017

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Category: literature, Scripture

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The Dancing Floor is the third book in the Edward Leithen series by John Buchan, and to be honest it wasn’t that special.

Once again Buchan engineers several “coincidental meetings” make this story somewhat implausible.

Leithen shares centre stage with Vernon Milburne, who share an abhorrence for a brash young girl Kore Arabin who is ruffling feathers amongst the high society.

Vernon is subjected to a recurring nightmare that seems to dominate the man’s life and character.

The action shifts to a Greek island, with a primitive people following pagan beliefs, and looking for vengeance.

Somehow the author fails to conjour up any sort of picture of the island, nor any clear link between the salient geographical points upon which the story turns.

The last chapter sees a sprinkling of scriptural references in the last chapter, almost as though the story was designed to convey some heavenly truth.

Sadly it doesn’t work.

Score? Just 3 out of 10.

A book well worth missing!


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