Fork off

By: snowgood

Apr 23 2017


Category: Cycling, family

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

After diverting from my intended course my route took me to Warninglid.

On my way into the village some wag in ageing Mondeo swept past in the opposite direction hollering out “Knackered” in an uncouth manner.

Ah, motorists! One every few hundred finds great delight in trying to upset the cyclists composure.

I wasn’t knackered, but I was going uphill – whereas this man’s whole demeanour suggested a course of poverty and downward trajectory.

Not much later I was in Cuckfield, passing a delightful public golf course, and gorgeous Z3 coupe in a little garage opposite the Co-op.

Checking out my latter day chronometer (iPhone6S) I spied out a “new route” where I might catch up with the grandchildren.

I must confess to one off road excursion (I somehow couldn’t wait for Ardingly) and then came across this fork in the road.

Turning left presented a high speed descent, and a short pedal where I caught up with Nancy and three little ‘uns.

Joe was in the shower, and after a kiss from Taliah I was on my way again, as Elijah raced around the verge in his socks.

I couldn’t quite crack 40 mph as I dropped down by the tip of the reservoir, and was home in good time for tea.




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