Busses Farm

By: snowgood

Apr 23 2017

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Category: birds, Cycling

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

After visiting a reli in Worthing Hospital it was a toss up between the evening service at St.Nick’s in Sevenoaks, or a bike ride.

A late call ascertained that tonight’s message would be brief and aimed towards the youth.

So I grabbed my OS map and set off for Weir Wood Reservoir.

En route a busy texter nearly ended up with one whole spaniel and the other split in two.  The dogs aren’t a problem, but some owners need training!

Once away from official cycle routes the going got easier.

Leaving East Grinstead Waitrose on my right I headed South towards Busses Farm, and a reservoir tactfully designed to discourage all visitors.

After a few near misses I came across a Millennium picnic site, which is inconveniently set back from the water.

Even so I watched a Whitethroat, enjoyed three Swallows flying overhead, whilst a noisy Heron could be heard not far away.

The next part of the trip was punctuated by numerous gates, and a few near misses.  Twice I just managed to avoid puncturing my arm on barbed wire.

Heading away from the water I found myself on an elevated bridleway with several enormous rocks, and a few intrepid climbers.

Bleating lambs gambolled about, two of them racing each other uphill.  They reminded me of Elijah and Tizzy whizzing about like they do.

Next up a quick downward trail beside a vineyard, fishing lake and then under a bridge carrying the Bluebell Railway line.

Soon I was outside Kingscote Station, and then on to my last climb up to Turners Hill.

As the light faded I was soon whizzing back home, where baked potatoes and cheese were waiting.





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