Birdsnog – Book Review 16

By: snowgood

Apr 21 2017

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Category: literature, War

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Now here’s a surprise.

The last book I read was subtitled “A Romance”, although it seemed to focus on a family feud.

This week I’ve read the much acclaimed novel “Birdsong” which focuses on the battles at The Somme.  Much to my amazement a large part of this story is romantic.

A quarter of the book centres on the central character’s affair in Amiens, with whole chapters that caused my glasses to steam up!

Having been in the Somme just a few weeks ago I really appreciated the insight into the subterranean exploits that created enormous blasts like the one at the Lochnager Crater.

I liked the ending, but I’m not going to give it away.

In reality this was a good read, but wouldn’t be something I’d place as highly as books like The Count of Monte Christo, or indeed some of John Buchan’s classics.

I’d give it 8 out of 10.

And no I didn’t make a mistake with the heading, there was far more snogging than birdsong in the novel.



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