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By: snowgood

Apr 15 2017

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There’s a movement within the Church of England to ensure Churches are left open 24/7 365 days a year.

Our local rural dean introduced the policy after listening to her hair dresser’s negative experience at her local church.

As attendance and revenue decline the assets are being sold off, and the C of E seeks to re-engage with local communities.

Imagine my surprise when I was denied access to Chaldon Church yesterday. A small sign warded off would be visitors.

I was disappointed.

This church featured in history books, and our teacher told of the accidental re-discovery of an amazing mural which was hidden behind whitewash.

Our school was less than three miles from this amazing site, but we were never taken on a school trip to see it.

To this day I’ve not clapped my eyes on amazing 800 year old artwork.  Yesterday cycling home from Coulsdon I hoped to right that wrong!

Forty three years after hearing the story I couldn’t get in.

Imagine how the disciples must have felt after Israel had waited for generations for a Saviour only to lose him on a cruel cross.

The one who came that men might live life to full was stubbed out by an alliance between Rome and the Jewish establishment.

Those who had been healed by Jesus, and those who had sat at his feet listening to his parables would have been utterly devastated.

On a scale of disappointment that runs to 10 this was off the scale.

Jesus dead!

No new king to unshackle the oppressive regime.

At Easter we can stuff ourselves with chocolate, escape to the coast and enjoy four days off.

2000 years ago the King of Kings was dealing with the matter of sin.  He was crucified, and laid in a hewn tomb.


The signs weren’t good.

All hope had gone.

The sign outside Chaldon Church says

“The locked door represents the stone across the entrance to the tomb which remained there until the resurrection.”

Our access to God is barred by sin, we might choose to seek him in our own time, but we may leave it too late.

Call on the one who came to set us free.

Don’t let “life” get in the way of a chance for “abundant life”.

Happy Easter


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