Oast House

By: snowgood

Apr 09 2017

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Category: Architecture, Rural Community


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

On my return leg I let the bike glide down a gentle slope before turning right towards Bough Beech village.

This charming property was just across from the junction.

Some of you may be curious as to that conical structure on the left.

It’s an Oast House, which in days of yore would have been used to dry the hops that form a vital ingredient for British beer.

On the right a modern modern structure has been erected, and to the front of the building is a dinky little duck pond.

It has two mallards on the water, and one small rowing boat!

The ancient oak tree adds a sense of authenticity.

In former times the author made a living supplying radius gutters to buildings like this, and I generally found their owners throughly decent people.





3 comments on “Oast House”

  1. Looks as though you had a great jaunt!
    I often take a small compact camera with me – but, for whatever reason, I rarely stop to take pictures, or I’m well down the road by the time a shot occurs to me. 😦

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