Beaumont Hamel – Red Squirrel

By: snowgood

Apr 04 2017

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Category: Fauna, Nature

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Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I arrived at the Newfoundland Memorial quite late in the day.

Any chance of a  good photo of the Caribou looking across the “Y Ravine” trenches was long gone.

Although I was well blessed by the fact that I had the environs entirely to myself.

Walking back to my car around “the loop” I saw something reddish and low to the ground.


A bird?

Nope, it was a wary Red Squirrel who raced up a tree to watch me from a safe distance.

How I lamented the absence of my SLR and 400mm lens!

In the end my little Sony achieved a better result than I’d expected.




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