The Watchtower

By: snowgood

Apr 03 2017

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Category: Architecture, Religion, War

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The Ulster Memorial Tower stands on what was the German front line between July and November 1916.

It commemorates the 36th Ulster Divison who managed to capture the position of the Schwaben Redoubt, where the Germans had a commanding elevated position.

The building is a replica of “Helen’s Tower” back in County Down.

Today this beautiful monument serves thousands with refreshment, but I left wondering if the friendly folk were using it for covert purposes?

All those I met over the two days were indeed Irish, and one couple insisted on passing me an invitation to “a meeting” even though I told them I’d have gone by then.

Sure enough these well meaning folk were Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I found them engaging and polite, but their colourful leaflet was “dated” and uninspiring.

I won’t be signing up any time soon, even if I’ve enjoyed chatting with many over the 40 odd years I’ve followed Christ!


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