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By: snowgood

Apr 01 2017

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It’s nearly seven years since I made a business trip to Belgium, and decided to use it as a springboard for a European adventure.

That story can be found here, but I now work for “The Belgians” and I decided to use my latest Ostende visit to propel me towards “The Somme”.

I recently read about “The War to End all Wars” from a pilot’s perspective, the last two days of March 2017 were my opportunity to envisage the tragic events from terra firma.

Using the wonders of the internet I found accommodation on the outskirts of Aveluy, 3 km due north from Albert. It was booked in haste at the end of a nine hour meeting,

I couldn’t have picked  better spot, as it nestled in amongst the key points held by the British and Commonwealth troops during the tragic 5 month campaign in 1916.

In this photo I’m standing near the infamous “Lochnager Carter” looking North East towards one of the smaller Commonwealth and War Graves Commission’s cemeteries.

This particular cemetery is just 1 km away, and is just one of hundreds serving as a perpetual reminder to the 250,000 servicemen who perished here.

Two days were never going to enough to fully immerse myself in this tragic landscape, but the gentle rolling topography shows how “our boys” had precious little cover from the German offensive.

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