New F1 Season!

By: snowgood

Mar 24 2017

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

Years ago my Dad regularly bought “MotorSport”.

How I loved the colour reports from Grand Prix that had happened weeks earlier!

In 1972 I  watched Beltoise on TV as he splashed around Monaco to win with BRM.

In ’75 I was at Silverstone when a hailstorm sent half the field into the barriers.

My hero James Hunt claimed 4th even though his car wasn’t running.

Gradually my fascination with the “Sport”waned.

What went wrong?

The cars became so safe that unscrupulous drivers took up the art of eliminating their rivals.

Senna couldn’t cope when Prost got ahead and wiped him out at the first turn of the championship decider.

Schumacher won at all costs by ramming Hill into the barriers a few years later.

Once Vettel had a few wins under his belt he took on the mantle of unsporting hero.

Now we have “Superstars”paid millions to sulk in front of TV cameras when their machine has the odd technical glitch.

When the F1 Championship became a “pay to view” spectacle, with pundits sharing insights into “fuel saving” and drivers took to hiding behind dark glasses I’d had enough.

So this year I’ll recreate the golden years by playing the Waddingtons  “Formula I” board game.

I might even build a few of my own tracks to represent the 1973 season.

Hence the photo, as I get the “dims” for my next circuit.



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