Working from Home

By: snowgood

Mar 14 2017

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Category: Fauna, Nature, work


Focal Length:210mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Our study looks out to the front lawn, and a long laurel hedge.

On a good day one might see a grey squirrel at ground level, or charging down the phone wires.

Sometimes I enjoy staring contests with magpies, before eventually shooing them away.

Today whilst working from home I had a notable “first”.

Whilst on the phone to Belgium a little critter right to left, under the laurels.

Several minutes later the aforesaid creature furtively shot along the flower-bed in the opposite direction.


It was a weasel, and judging by the size it was a female. It’s hard to imagine a predator that’s more secretive, whilst at the same appearing to be so timid.

My guess is that she was looking to raid bird’s nests.

Now I have to make a confession.

The picture’s actually  stoat, and this particular specimen was in captivity.  Even so “my” little weasel was incredibly similar, and I’ve never seen one in our garden.

2 comments on “Working from Home”

  1. So, you know the difference between a weasel and a stoat ?
    a weasel is weasely recognised and a stoat is stoatly different.:)

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