The Victor

By: snowgood

Mar 13 2017

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Category: books, Christianity, Jesus, literature

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I’ve just finished my 13th book of the year.

Six  have been set during (or about) war.

Recognising my propensity to read about human conflict as “too narrow” a field of interest I sought something more light hearted.

That’s when I spotted a book Joe had been given back when he was still at school.

I don’t how, but I’ve never noticed it before last week.

Patricia St.John’s best known works are Treasures of the Snow, and The Tanglewood’s Secret.

I’m not sure I’ve ever read them, but I’ve enjoyed the old film adaptations.

They were so well crafted I couldn’t wait to see where this story would go.

Her books usually make the reader look at our own personal traits and weaknesses, before revealing a character who’s in the transformation business.

In “The Victor” the author uses Philo (a young fisherman’s son) to portray our helpless estate.

Reader’s will readily recognise a character with all the best intentions, but with an inbuilt “self destruct button”.

It takes a special author to “get underneath your skin” and reveal “the wretched man that I am” whilst also showing how we can renewed in a way totally beyond the ken of any “Self Help” book.

Whilst the book’s target audience was teenage children, many of the truths are conveyed in such  way that an adult will find both challenging and enlightening.

Philo represents each one of us as we journey through life looking for answers, but he’s dropped into a scenery right along the margins of Christ’s life.

He never gets to see the prophet that everyone’s talking about, but “The Message” gets through all the same.

I heartily recommend this book to anyone who has BIG questions about life.  It’s not quite in the same bracket as the titles mentioned above, but pretty close.

Rating: 8 out of 10

174 pages – Something that could be read over the course of a wet weekend!

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