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By: snowgood

Feb 28 2017

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Category: Life

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Listen to this broadcast on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour.

That’ll be 12 minutes to hear what “Listener Sue” says about caring for someone with dementia and Parkinsons.

Go on, have a listen.  See you later.

Got it?

I rather liked Sue.

She’s open and honest.

One get’s the impression she’s valiantly done the right thing, for 17 years.

She speaks about the shift from being a wife to simply being a carer.

Asked how she’s doing she replies”I function at it, but I don’t enjoy it.”

Fair enough.

A frank response.

In 2017 how should we view our responsibilities?

Sue thinks nobody understands the “in sickness and in health” aspect of the marriage vows.

Although she’s loyal.

There’s a “but”.

She’d love to step back, and pay professionals to take over.

Who knows how I’d react if in the same position?

What I find disturbing is the “angle” on many Woman’s Hour broadcasts.

They’re along the lines of “did God really say?”

Whilst there are heaps of good programmes on the BBC, all too many are subtly subversive.

Or am I just too old fashioned?


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