HuntingTower v Kindle

By: snowgood

Feb 25 2017

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Category: books, literature

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

I’ve been back in bed with one of my favourite authors.

Rough and tumble three nights in a row until the wee hours.

How was it for me?

Well I think I may have to refine my technique.

No doubt John Buchan knows how to shock, but I struggled to keep up.

Yes, I’ve just read my first book on a kindle!

Regular readers will know I enjoy a good book, but I’m also what’s known as a “Late Adopter”.

There’s a certain pride to be had in not following the herd and snapping up the latest “must have” gadget.

So why the change of heart?

I guess it’s all part of my persona.

If I were to list my top ten books you’d see many old classics.

Bookshops pay lip service to such tastes, but haven’t the space for obscure titles from yesteryear.

I’d seldom invest in specifically ordering a book at full price, but my kindle came with a promise.


Like anything supplied by the Captain’s of American Industry there’s a catch.

What was free on Wednesday has now mysteriously become a genuine purchase later in the week.

Algorithms have worked out I might just fancy the next book in the McCunn series, hey up, each edition now costs 49p.

Not only that but I miss the tactile qualities of a paperback, and the vivid colours of the cover.

An upturned book splayed open at the last page you’ve read is more satisfying than a device which intermittently displays a % figure of your progress thus far.

As a newbie the Kindle gets 4 out of 10, whilst HuntingTower scores 6.

I loved the passages where The Gorbals Diehards helped Dickson McCunn.

There’s numerous times when a verse of scripture has neatly been placed into the narrative.

Best of all?  A small twist at the end, which to many would appear merely incidental.


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