while away the time

By: snowgood

Feb 18 2017

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Category: ART, Children, family


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

Ideally we would have spent time with Joe and Nancy today, but he’s sick and only Elijah has any vim in him.

So we said a quick hello to Nanc and did a runner.

I’m thinking of writing a few short stories for our grandchildren, but I’ve got no further than batting around the ideas.

To help my creativity I decided to draw a sketch of Joe and Taliah.

It could be better, but short of a 2 minute first effort I’m reasonably pleased to have picked up my pencils again.


3 comments on “while away the time”

  1. I’ve written my memories about time spent with my grand mother, mother, and childhood pursuits… put them in a notebook and sent off to the grands. From time to time, I’ve added to them. Grand kids like to hear stories about their parents when they were young. You have to tell it or it will be lost.

    • Thanks Joy, that’s a good idea. I’m wanting to create a few stories that capture the imagination of the little ones, whilst capturing the essence of various Biblical truths.

  2. Well done!

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