The Succinct account of WWI

By: snowgood

Feb 12 2017

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Category: literature

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Several years ago my now boss took me on a trip to Tyne Cot Cemetery, and then on to Ypres.

The Common Wealth War Graves Commission bring a sense of reverence to the tragic events of “The Great War”.

It’s chilling to watch the sun set across the featureless landscape as you realise 495,000 men perished in a battle covering just a few miles.

I’ve read books one mammoth book on World War 1 previously, and studied it at secondary school, but couldn’t ever say I had any understanding of the conflict.

Norman Stone’s “A Short History of World War One” is an amazing work, distilling the conflict into a slim volume of just 213 pages.

I’d never appreciated the importance of long railway platforms, but the combatants infrastructure proved to be of immense importance in this war.

The allied trade blockade set about breaking the German war machine, but had the reverse effect. It simply concentrated the effort to produce munitions and equipment at a staggering rate.

You don’t need me to tell you that allies “won”, but at what cost?  The Heads of State were scheming for territory, rather then stamping out imperialist dreams.

No wonder the war machine cranked into action again 21 years later.

Like any good book this one left me wanting to discover more, I hope to tackle “Birdsong” some time soon, and In Flanders Fields looks another title to consider.

I’m not going to recommend this book to those of you who wouldn’t want to read about war.

For those of us who think we should learn from the mistakes of the past this book gets a solid 10 out of 10.






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