And on That Bombshell

By: snowgood

Feb 04 2017

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Category: Failure, literature

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I’ve been reading Richard Porter’s “Evo” column for years. .

When somebody writes in the nation’s premier car mag you assume they got the gig from being “an expert”.

Except this chap was once a hapless “youth” working in Next stacking jumpers.

He also had a way with words, and fortuitously chose to wear a bright yellow tie when being interviewed for a junior role on the TV show “Top Gear”.

The guy handing out the jobs just happened to be wearing the exact same tie, and gave him the job.

The show went from staid factual content with rational road tests to becoming a brand with over 350,000,000 viewers worldwide.

The catalyst? Jeremy Clarkson with a little help from the producer Andy Wilman.  Once Hammond and May got on board the show became a runaway success.

In “And on That Bombshell” Ricahrd Porter sketches out what made the show a runaway success, right up to its cataclysmic  implosion back in 2015.

I raced through the first half of the book, but thought the latter half lacked any intensity.  Although the emotions running in the final chapter and epilogue somehow saved it.

So is this anything other than a shameless money spinner for Britain’s masses?

Maybe not, but it was a quick read.  A bit like a comic, for grown ups who don’t mind liberal swearing.

I do, so I’d give it 6 out of 10.



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