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Feb 02 2017

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Last year I spotted this “doorstep” of a book on sale in Salvington Lodge Hospital.

James Clavell wrote “Shogun” a superb book, which was adapted into  superb TV mini-series.

Would “Whirlwind” reach similar heights?

It seemed appropriate to read a book set in Iran after reading about an Auschwitz survivor, and Moshe Dayan’s earlier in the year.

So did £1 represent a bargain for this 1023 page novel?

I’d say so, but the first 500 pages or so merely “set the scene”.  In fact it’s not until “Book 4” that the story takes off.

The plot revolves around the activities of a British Helicopter company servicing the Iranian oil industry during 1979.

If your history’s none too good you may have forgotten this was the time that “The Shah” left the nation and Ayatolleh Khomeni  took control.

This historical novel unpacks the tensions in a revolutionary Muslim country.

The foreword states it’s a work of fiction, but one can imagine the fanatical factions and “mob rule” are likely to be incredibly near the truth.

I’d give this book 7 out of 10, but it’s too violent for me to suggest all those hours reading over last two weeks were that well spent.








3 comments on “Whirlwind”

  1. I read that book years ago. And Shogun. And I remember the tv series of Shogun, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    I joined a ship in Iran in 1975 – pre-revolution. it was not an easy journey and the corruption was appalling. Then we were stuck for three weeks at anchor in the Shatt-al-Arab river because they didn’t have space in the tanks ashore for 4,000 tonnes of cotton seed oil we had for them – we had discharged 1,000 tonnes of tallow, but then they just sent us back out to anchor.

    • David, rather you than me. That river was mentioned in the book, and maybe there was hint of the corruption too! You probably did well missing it in Feb/March 1979. Stephen

      • Yes! You could still get a beer in Iran in those days Stephen. Three of us arrived in Abadan after being stranded in Kuwait for 24-hours by the airline. Everything was a hassle. Eventually made it to what was then called Bandar Shahpour to join the ship. Then we sailed from there back to Khorramshahr/Abadan. I never bothered going ashore!

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