Feel Good Factor

By: snowgood

Jan 30 2017

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Category: Cars, Travel, work

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

My 2014 BMW 320 ED Touring Business Edition has gone. In three years it averaged 53.1 mpg and 38 mph.

After over 107,000 miles together I can’t say I’ll miss a vehicle that went back to BMW with just 5 original panels.

It had been smashed up the back (and into the car in front) by a “Texter” on Dartmoor.

Whacked on the back three quarters by a  hit and run driver in Noss Mayo.

The windscreen went twice, and a stray stone on the motorway dented the roof.I also watched in horror as an elderly lady ignored my horn and reversed into me on a one way street in Bruges.

The local Albanian car wash team even pointed out that my car “rattled too much” , but Vines BMW weren’t interested in doing a proper fix.

I have been so underwhelmed by the local dealership that I decided to run with the helpful folk at Chandlers BMW for my replacement.

As they build them to order, and Hybrid demand outstrips supply I’m now enjoying another 3 Series until my new car arrives.

This 320D M Sport has fancy headlights, seats, hi fi, Google Earth Sat Nav, sports seats and a flappy paddle gearshift.

Being a sporty version it also features an additional 27 bhp, and 190 bhp is more than enough for this driver.

Whilst this car has over 8000 miles on the clock and is nigh on 9 months old it still feels like new. Classic FM sounded great this morning as I looped around the M25.

Is a high spec used 3 series like this worth £26,875?  You bet!

It’s got a Feel Good Factor that was missing in my old bus.

To see more of the many cars I’ve sampled over the years click HERE.


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