All in a day’s work

By: snowgood

Jan 18 2017


Category: Travel, work

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Despite being decidedly unwell these last few days I’m still out there trying to do a good job.

Today the M25 and M40 seemed to have a blight of cars with punctures, and some poor motorists had been mauled by HGVs.

Eventually I made it to my first call, which was a complaint just over half an hour late.

Having established what had gone wrong I drove a further six miles to look at a completed “project” at The Jury’s Inn Hotel in Oxford.

We supplied the indirect lighting trough seen here.

The room looked fabulous, and with an absence of natural light our product was the perfect solution.

Later I called on two more customers before heading back around the M25 once again, this time without incident.




One comment on “All in a day’s work”

  1. an attractive space. Get well!

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