Here’s one I got at Christmas.

The author has written the book in the form of a diary.

He tells the story of his forty acre farm in Herefordshire.

At first I wanted to know more about the wordsmith, but as the pages slipped by I got  a good handle on what he’s like.

It’s fun to learn when the tutor’s manner is so laid back.

Unlike the Moshe Dayan finished last week there wasn’t a time when I was inclined to skip a few pages.

On the continuity front I only spotted one error.

A grouse flew up at him in one paragraph, but it wasn’t in his year end list of species.

TBH I wasn’t so sure he’d see one there, so perhaps he was startled by a Partridge?

Score: 8 out of 10.

Well worth the effort.






3 comments on “Meadowland”

  1. My neck of the woods. Book sounds interesting.

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