Lazy Sunday Afternoon

By: snowgood

Jan 15 2017

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Category: birds

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Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

After twirling my pedals for so many weeks I’m adjusting to life indoors.

Yesterday’s bike ride was thwarted by rain, and today the drive is saturated with surface water.

I’m appreciating a slower pace of life.

My “daily reading” was a drawn out affair, as I pondered and jotted down notes.

I heard the piercing cry of a Nuthatch on our oak. Pretty soon he was joined by a mate, before they darted off to the East.

A Robin took advantage of the bird feeder.

Woodpigeons descended en masse, foraging in the flower beds.  Goodness knows what they were eating.

A loud noise on the main road sent thirty of them skywards, five or six from each adjoining garden.

Check, check, heralded the arrival of a few Jackdaws.

Moments later a solitary Collared Dove alighted on the bird bath, whilst i partner looked on from a nearby telephone cable.

High above the trees a heron flew over. We don’t see many here, but our near neighbour has a comprehensive defence system to over his ornamental pond.

A fruitful 45 minutes sitting in the rocking chair, with time to think, and time to marvel.


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