Moshe Dayan

By: snowgood

Jan 11 2017

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I’ve always been interested in Israel, a nation that punches above her weight on the world stage.

After reading Simon Sebag Montefiore’s “Jerusalem” last month I was on the lookout for an autobiography on one that book’s central characters.

Moshe Dayan.

I failed to find anything in Waterstones, but was gobsmacked to find “Story of my Life” in Joe’s hallway when I popped in one family a couple of weeks back.

What a story!

Why is it so good?

Firstly  Moshe Dayan was there right at the beginning of the state of Israel.  Reading about his early experiences on a kibbutz was fascinating.

Early on he showed amazing patience with Arab aggressors, and the British officers who “banged him up” for daring to protect his nation armed assaults.

At each dramatic stage in the re-birth of a nation Moshe Dayan played his part. When I read passages in the Old Testament stating that the desert will become fertile it hardly registers.

Reading about the influx of Jews who arrived with little agricultural experience and learning reclaimed the land, whilst being shot at or shelled – that’s a real eye opener.

I was also surprised to discover Moshe was an ardent Socialist.

The story of his life is liberally sprinkled with scriptural references, and a consistently understanding viewpoint on the militant Arab tendencies.

This book is a real page turner, although the detailed analysis on what was going on behind the scenes politically was at times a bit tedious.

If you love an underdog, you should love this book.  It’s more than an autobiography, it’s also the story of a nation.

635 Pages – Nine out of Ten – A very good read!

At times Israel was fighting against an army that was 200 times stronger than her own, and still she would not be beaten.

Even her allies often only played lip service to her needs, but the minnow amongst nations continues to overcome.

The Biblical account of Armageddon is not a fanciful story, there will be a day when Israel faces further concerted efforts to wipe her out.

Someone even greater than Moshe Dayan will come to her aid.


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