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By: snowgood

Jan 04 2017


Category: Life

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

Our kitchen has virtually every mod-con, but we miss one gadget that we had back in Devon.

A hot plate that keeps things warm before serving.

Clearing out “the bungalow” we came across an old portable version, tested it and found it still working so we brought it home.

Back here the hotplate stayed cool. Roz mentioned it, and whilst she was out I plugged it in.

Resting my hands on the top I waited for the warmth to come through.

Aha, it does still work!  It was as if I could feel the power pulsing into the device.  Then it occurred to me that I shouldn’t be able to detect “power” through my bare hands.

I was actually feeling the blood pumping through my arteries.

A really special moment.  I was aware of the fact that I’m alive!

After putting a new fuse in the device was fixed, and I could no longer leave my hands on the elements.

Yesterday I came back from work, and took a good soak in the bath. I had the water piping hot, and put my head right back.

I became aware of a “thumping” sound.  Listening more intently, I could make out the steady beat of my heart.

One day I sensed a feeling that I was alive, the next I hearing the evidence.

O LORD, help me understand my mortality and the brevity of life! Let me realise how quickly my life will pass!

Psalm 39:4

New English Translation


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