A Short History

By: snowgood

Jan 02 2017

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Category: GOD

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In 2016 I managed to read just 13 books, in addition to whole of the NIV Bible.

I’d like to read a more diverse range in 2017, and have just embarked on re-reading the New English Bible.

Tonight after dipping in and out for about three weeks I’ve finished a pretty remarkable book.

You have to hand it to Bill Bryson he has sold millions of books, each with his cheery style, but”A Short History of Nearly Everything” is quite an achievement.

Despite the evolutionary theme (particularly in the latter chapters) I was glad to have read it.

The first 450 pages are astounding, and the first few chapters really opened my mind about the immenseness of the universe (and beyond).

Things that might draw some to discount the Biblical view of creation actually made me marvel all the more at the sheer magnificence of God.

In the latter pages the story of DNA was unpacked in a way that even I could understand.

The least credible chapters are in Section 6, “The Road to Us” where the evidence seems sketchy and appears inconclusive even to the “experts”.

The book may not be a laugh ¬†minutes, but it’s well worth reading – if a little long.

Snowgood Rating 8 out 10.




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