Worth a second look

By: snowgood

Dec 27 2016

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Category: Cycling


Just the other day I put up a picture of the circular church building at Worth.

It was gloomy then, but en route to Ardingly earlier today I had a second look.

Whilst the view was good my efforts with the mountain bike were sadly lacking.

Despite a good night sleep my legs didn’t want to pedal today. Every turn of the crank was an effort.

So I did what anyone else would do, I tried to ride through it!

If there was a downhill stretch I let gravity take over.

As I approached the causeway across the reservoir I did offer a bit of pedal assistance.

My reward was a new personal best, 42.8 mph and a look of disbelief from someone parking his car.

Funny how I actually achieved something even on an “off” day.



3 comments on “Worth a second look”

  1. I once managed 35 mph downhill but was concerned about being able to come to a stop if necessary. I haven’t been out on my bike for quite a while. The challenge around here now would be the poor condition of the roads.

    • The challenge around here is the poor condition of the rider! My shopping bike has traditional rubber brake blocks on the rim, it’s not good at stopping. The MTB has ventilated discs, they are amazing – in all weathers.

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