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By: snowgood

Dec 14 2016

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Category: Politics, Sussex, Travel

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Hat’s off to the Green M.P. Caroline Lucas for drawing attention to the shambolic lack of progress with Southern Rail.

We live in what’s supposed to be the 5th largest economic nation on the planet, but our Government is failing the region’s commuters big time.

I cannot see how the rail network can include a company that fails to deliver passengers to their destinations, week in week out.

How can this problem continue to blight the lives of decent people who have suffered for so long?

The unions, Southern Rail execs, and Chris Failing (Transport Sec) should all be kicked out.

Let’s start again with a minister who gets things done, a nationalised rail service, and preferably several hundred East Europeans who are thankful to have a job and get on with it.

To me this rail nonsense is the U.K. equivalent of the Stateside inaction over gun crime.  A major issue which any rational human being can see, but one that nobody grasps and get sorted.

I’m sure Churchill would have taken control if he was still around.  It looks like our PM is happy to pass the blame, but unwilling to sort the problem.

Her honeymoon period is over, it’s about time she got on and achieved something!




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