Shooken Down

By: snowgood

Nov 24 2016

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Category: Food, Walking


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I was spoilt.

The Billesley Manor Hotel served up a good breakfast.

I called it a day after 5 sausages, 3 hash browns, and 2 fried eggs.

In the interest of my waistline I chose not to consume a pre-selected low fat yoghurt.

Rather stupidly I found myself partaking of two small cheeseburgers at lunch-time.

After a full on day darting around Brum I headed south and was the second guest to arrive at my Cheltenham hotel.

Two and half hours later my reports were done, and I walked into town.

Chip shops were dismissed, take-aways held no appeal.

Indian Eateries and ye olde SKY TV pub offering 2 meals for under a tenner made me cringe.

I ducked into Moran’s, which looked suitable.

My choice?

Hot soup, and a bean dish with a large cheesy mushroom.

Somehow the XXL breakfast took the edge off my meal.

What to do?

Back to the Beaumont House?

Or attempt to shake down my excess baggage on a walk around Cheltenham?

I chose the latter and came across “A Red Man” at Suffolk Street.

After a few miles my meal had “shooken down”quite nicely.

I slept well.










5 comments on “Shooken Down”

  1. You were not that far from me!

  2. Thanks for the smiles. 🙂 For us on the other side of the pond, this is ‘Turkey Day. I am preparing a feast. I’ll think of you!

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