into the headwind

By: snowgood

Nov 15 2016

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Category: Cycling, National Trust


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

Having reached my goal I decided to follow the South Downs Way as far as Saddlescombe, a deserted National Trust farm just beyond the Devil’s Dyke.

I picked the Sussex Border Path, which looked like an easy way off the Downs.

Big mistake!

Since I returned to the saddle I’ve never encountered a more taxing route.

There was an old farm track about a mile long, with enormous ruts, slippery chalk, squidgt mud, and enormous puddles.

I wasn’t going to turn back, but I felt a very real sense of fear.  On the one hand I may fall and get plastered, on the other I may reconfigure my collar bone.

Somehow I got through, and reached tarmac just where the a23 intersects the a27.  Popping through a short tunnel I now had to regain all my lost altitude on the  climb up Mill Road.

Then the fun started.

Heading towards Portslade the bike was hurtling downhill at over 36 mph, unfortunately I had to brake twice for traffic otherwise I’d have cracked 40 mph no problem,.

On the stretch down to Portslade Station a carefree Skoda taxi driver tried to wipe me out, and I took evasive action by taking to the pavement. I was wearing a bright white top and had my lights on.  Aaaagh!

Then to the coast.

Phew, my nose took in everything from petrochemicals, gas, and cellulose fumes. Could this be the most polluted place on the south coast?

Whilst I enjoyed the harbour views I pity the poor folk who live in Southwick, and the easterly fringe of Shoreham.

That’s Shoreham Power Station in the photo.  Funny how Shoreham is actually further to the west.

Maybe the people in Southwick couldn’t face having a dirty great big tower as their most memorable piece of architecture?


6 comments on “into the headwind”

  1. 35+ is pretty scary on a pushbike (but we still have to give it a go don’t we!)

  2. It’s an interesting scene.

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