The Road to Little Dribbling

By: snowgood

Nov 05 2016

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I’m beginning to wonder if it’s me, or the authors.

First Frederick Forsyth, and now Bill Bryson.

Both accomplished author’s, but each of my last books seemed to get off to a slow start and then become amazingly good.

As a rule I’d put FF ahead of BB, but overlook the bad language and home in on the fact that I’ve learnt so much reading Bryon’s latest I’d say it’s the better than “The Outsider”.

It’s not just any old “learning” but wonderful insights into my home nation, and all seen through the eyes of an American.

Some passages recount stories which seem utterly implausible, but to those of us who live “on a small island” we know they’re 100% kosher.

My rating for this book? 9 out of 10.

I’ve sat with my iPhone in hand constantly checking out images, and getting a glimpse of places I never knew existed.

It inspires me to get out there and explore, Cape Wrath, the Carlisle to Settle Railway and Northumberlandia to name but a few.

Towards the end of the book Bill Bryson lists the things that he appreciates most about Britain.

Here’s my take on the best bits of Britain.

A good mug of tea, brewed to a good strength in a teapot. 

The countryside.

Good sanitation.

The diversity of British Birds.

BBC Radio 4 & 6 Music

You can still “get away from it all” even on such an overcrowded island.





One comment on “The Road to Little Dribbling”

  1. sounds wonderful, comforting, and cozy.

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