The Outsider (Book Review)

By: snowgood

Nov 04 2016

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Frederick Forsyth’s latest book was passed to me with glowing reviews.

He’s the chap who wrote “The Day of The Jackal” and “The Odessa File” along with other action packed favourites.

It’s a mark of this man’s skill that I can still vividly remember the last few paragraphs in The Day of the Jackal, even though I haven’t read it for over forty years.

Then there’s the detail about one of the character’s in the Odessa File that made me giggle.

He also wrote The Dogs of War which I found incredibly dull.

So what about this, his autobiography.

Well I felt it was all a bit to factual and lacking emotion for the first eighty odd pages, but then its really came alive.

He writes about his time reporting on the Nigeria/Biafra war and crisis with enormous passion.At one point I was fighting back the tears.

I also enjoyed the fact that like other biographies I’ve read he does make room for God. I guess most intelligent people do, but I’ll leave you to read about how he came face to face with his own mortality.

I left this book with an appetite for more.

Theoretically it’s going to be his last, although I believe anyone who’s this good at storytelling will surely find it hard not top write one more.

8 out of 10 – in case you’re wondering.




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