Hayling Island

By: snowgood

Nov 01 2016


Category: adventure, Cycling

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

The beach at Westfield looking towards Eastoke.

We took few moments to relax and watch the world go by.

On the horizon two warships slowly approached, one of them looking for all the world like an aircraft carrier.

We haven’t got any.  Perhaps the Russians had done a “U” turn and were about to attack?

An enormous ferry headed off towards France.

Back from the shingle an empty Amusement Park look forlorn as the half-term is now over.

The only people on this shore were the rather cheerless couple running  cafe next to the Amusement arcade.

When you’ve only got a handful of customers and charge just a £1 for a mug of tea life must seem hard.

On our route back Tom showed me his old primary school, as we were hustled by a giant Co-op delivery wagon heading back down the spine of the island.



One comment on “Hayling Island”

  1. We often stay with my sister in law who lives in Southsea when we visit the UK. Walking the stretch of beach and looking eastwards towards Hayling Island and looking across to my childhood home, The Isle of Wight! This post brought back many memories for me!

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