Bike Buddy to the rescue

By: snowgood

Oct 29 2016

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Category: Cycling


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

Today I had a simple plan.

Get going by 10:00 am and head for the hills.

At 11:20 am I eventually hauled myself on board and popped over to South Downs Bikes.

After adding a new saddle bag, and having a good chat I was on my way at nigh on 12 noon. I was advised to take a bigger saddle bag that would hold a spare inner tube.

I decided against that option, and told Alex not to laugh if I came back with a puncture.

My anticipated destination? Devils Dyke, up above Brighton.

Alex had suggested one route, but I had my mind set on a more circuitous route.

In the end I decided to split the difference, staying away from the unnecessarily difficult stuff, and keeping well away from the softies approach via Shoreham.

Two hours after my initial departure I came across a sprightly young girl jogging along The South Downs Way.

I enjoyed whizzing ahead, but then felt a strange sensation.

The front tyre was rapidly deflating.

No spare tube.  Never mind, I was only 20 minutes walk from Steyning, I’d walk there and get my tyre fixed in “the Bike Shop”.

Except the iPhone revealed there isn’t one, despite the fact it’s a well known destination for serious cyclists in the area.

Somehow I wasn’t too flustered, and even a wee bit amused after my conversation back at South Downs Bikes.

Looking at my iPhone I discovered there are two mini cab firms in the town. I’d hope one of them had a wagon big enough for me and my bike, and get a ride back.

Walking down from Steyning Bowl (see above) I came across a damsel in distress. Her bike was going nowhere, “The chain has come off”.  Would she accept any help?


Then I spotted a silver people carrier with “Bike Buddy” emblazoned on the side.

He sped up the hill, and I made a mental note he might be a useful contact one day.

Moments later he reappeared and asked if I needed any help!  Wow.

John was quite literally “sent” like a guardian angel.

He toyed with the idea of fixing my bike, but said he’d be happy to take me back to Goring!

He didn’t want any money, and was just happy to help.

Of course I gave him something for his trouble, he’d really saved my day.

Once more I can say i believe in miracles.




8 comments on “Bike Buddy to the rescue”

    • Great day – such a blessing. I should say i believe in angels – this guy was like some of the guys (angels) hanging out with Abraham. Just there being blessing to some random chap – little old me.

  1. Turned out to be a good day!
    I believe in miracles as well 🙂

  2. God really looks out for you!

  3. I learned to carry a spare inner tube a while ago!

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