Rooted (Review)

By: snowgood

Oct 12 2016

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Here’s my latest “Good Read”.

Thanks to a friend who bought it to mark our 34th Wedding Anniversary.

What’s it all about?

Good question!

My assumption is that it’s been written to Christians, who are awash with”modern thinking” and need substantial a cleansing from “the good book”.

So how did I get on?

To start with, not so well.

I could do without all the back patting reviews the publisher seems to think we need to get started.

Chapter 1 has a good drift, and lays out his foundation for the book, although I can’t say I agreed with every illustration.

Then as we follow the building blocks the book comes to life.

The main sections thereafter;

Soil 1 – Intimacy

Soil 2 – Serving

Soil 3 – Community

I enjoyed sections 1, and 2, but struggled with Soil 3 “Community”.

In essence we learn from the pattern set out by a shepherd boy, who went on to become King.

We may seek to serve, but all too often shrug off the tedium of the desert, and effort of swimming against the tide.

Banning weaves a good tale deeply grounded in God’s Word.

By the end of the penultimate section I felt like I’d been washed from the dross of popular thinking, and then we hit the toughest part.

Living in Community.

Phew – it’s tough on those of us who like our own company.

It’s a slim book, and probably worth reading twice so the truth may percolate into the system.

Rating: 7 out of 10









2 comments on “Rooted (Review)”

  1. Useful review thank you Stephen. I just need to get through the other 20 books in my reading pile.

  2. Good bookmreview i say!


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